Invitation to Srul Irving Glick: Suites Hébraïques - Launch - October 4th -7:30pm

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CMC Centrediscs invites you to the launch of:
Srul Irving Glick: Suites Hébraïques

Thursday, October 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM
Doors open at 7:00 PM

Canadian Music Centre
20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto ON

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Musical performance featuring
Wallace Hallyday on saxophone and Angela Park on piano.

Reception to follow.

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Srul Irving Glick's (1934 – 2002) musical depictions of Jewish life in his Suites Hébraïques are particularly vivid examples of his chamber music. Glick wrote for many other genres, including art song, choral and symphonic music, but these six suites contain much of his very finest work. This recording of a performance of the complete Suites Hébraïques, as presented in 2017 by Syrinx Concerts Toronto, gives us a particularly intimate view of the creative life of Glick, one of Canada's most prolific composers.

These six suites were written over a twenty-three year span, beginning in 1961. Glick's initial impetus was to compose a nostalgic work for his parents, invoking the rich musical culture he experienced at home. His father was a cantor, singing the prayers at synagogue and at home, and as a boy Glick sang in his father's choir. He notes that, “It was a common occurrence to sing en famille around the kitchen table during the Sabbath or for holiday occasions.

“Writing these Suites was a particular pleasure for Srul,” recalls Dorothy Sandler Glick. “The melodies came easily as if they were just waiting for him to lift them out of his soul and dress them in the various colours of his heritage – plaintive, joyous, and always heart-felt. Some of the melodies are recollections of lullabies or cantorial songs he heard as a boy, sung to him by his parents. Most are his own interpretations of the dances, songs without accompaniment, and festival celebrations, each movement representing a different mood or description of some aspect of Jewish life.”

The six Suites vary in structure, instrumentation and size, and reflect the respective commissioners, whether soloists or chamber groups. Of the Suite Hébraïque No. 6, Glick wrote that, “It is the only one for violin and piano, and it was intended to complete the cycle and allow the suites to be performed together at a single concert.” As per Glick's intentions, we finally have all six Suites Hébraïques collected together in this beautiful recording.

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A Different Night: Music for Passover – Srul Irving Glick z”l – The Renowned Canadian Composer

Thursday, April 28, 2016 | 7:30 p.m. Service | Program to follow
Tickets not required

I had the privilege to be counted among Srul’s z”l close friends. I met Srul and his glorious music at one of our CA conventions in the early seventies. His music just penetrated into everyone’s soul. His Beth Tikvah Choir mesmerized us all with the luscious, sweet, soft and deeply emotional melodic flair, yet sophisticated and skillfully
composed. Simple craftsmanship in every respect of serious composition, Srul’s music radiated Jewish authenticity.

Srul was born in 1934 and studied at the University of Toronto. He received his Masters of Music in 1958. He pursued his studies in Paris with Darius Milhaud, Louis Saguer and Max Deutsch. Music was always an integral part of his life and he seeped into Jewish traditional music through the teachings of his father who was a Cantor. Srul’s childhood was filled with uninterrupted musical experience.

Glick’s music covers the wide gamut of musical compositions. Among his many compositions are song cycles such as I Never Saw Another Butterfly, We Are Children Just The Same, Northern Sketches. Srul’s choral music covers the entire Jewish liturgical calendar – Violin Concerto Lamentation for string quartet. Two symphonies, a Choral and a Psalm Symphony. His listing of compositions is endless and each ascends higher and higher in mastership and artistry.

From an early age Srul told me about his memories around the Pesach Seder table and the rousing songs which filled his Neshamah. He started to write melodies to be sung at the Seder. Later he arranged about seventeen of these songs for mixed choir and string quintet. Like the text of the Haggadah itself, the music creates the mood that symbolizes the ceremony at the Seder table. The rich and haunting musical sequences embrace the story, songs, food and drinks which embellishes the mystery and disputation of the Desert.

As the story of Pesach unfolds at the Seder table we experience with each melody and musical phrase a unique message which helps us to fulfill the ritual of Miztvah aseh shel achilat Matzah and Moror. Srul Glick knows how to communicate through music. His music makes us aware of our deep tradition of yesterday and the vision of the future. The music of the Haggadah combines elements of tradition, simplicity and modernity at the same time. The string accompaniment gives it an archaic ethereal quality. His asymmetrical rhythms juxtaposed with simple singable, melodic lines, challenges the listener but encourages the family around the table to participate and become an integral part of the Seder.

Suzanne Shulman Performs Glick Flute and Piano Sonata - Melbourne, Australia

On Monday March 7, 2016 flutist Michelle Shulman played a concert at the Melbourne Conservatorium with Australian pianist Leigh Harrold, followed by a masterclass at the University of Melbourne. Srul Irving Glick`s Flute and Piano Sonata was featured in the program along with music by Elgar, Poulenc and Glick`s fellow Canadian composers Milton Barnes and Harry Somers. The Glick Sonata was first composed for and first recorded by pianist Valerie Tryon and pianist Suzanne Shulman.

For more information on Suzanne Shulman`s discography, please see her website -

Music Professor to Present at Congress 2016: Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences | University of Arkansas

Christopher MacRae's lecture recital "The Portray of Canadian National Identity in Srul Irving Glick's Song Cycle 'South of North, Images of Canada'" has been accepted for presentation at Congress 2016: Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Canadian University Music Society from May 28 to June 3 in Calgary, Canada.

For full article see -

Canadian Visionaries 1 - Concert Featuring Music by Srul Irving Glick, September 20, 2015 at 3pm

Réa Beaumont, piano
Guest artist Steven Sitarski, violin

Works by groundbreaking Canadian composers R. Murray Schafer ** world premiere, Walter Buczynski, Srul Irving Glick, Jean Coulthard & others are included in this eclectic program of music performed by classical pianist Réa Beaumont, with Guest Artist violinist Stephen Sitarski (Concertmaster, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra). 

Address: Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Building, 
80 Queen’s Park, Toronto

$30 Adults (Online/Advanced)
$25 Seniors/students (Online/Advanced)

$35 Adults (Door)
$30 Seniors/students (Door) 


Srul Irving Glick Memorial Concert | Holy Blossom Temple

Dear Friends:

I cannot believe it is ten years since we lost one of the great Canadian and Jewish composers, Srul Irving Glick. It is as if he is eternally with us and his musical “Neshamah” radiates almost weekly within the walls of our Temple. His music enhances our services more than occasionally since I am so deeply involved and revere his musical creativity.

Srul Glick was a friend and mentor to me throughout my years as the Hazzan of Holy Blossom Temple. Srul is well known throughout Canada and the world over. His music has been performed on the most impressive concert stages including the Vatican in Rome. His major musical compositions cover the widest gamete of musical expressions from solo works and choral symphonies to chamber choirs and orchestral compositions but his real love was the music for the Synagogue. Here he created an entire repertoire of Cantor/choir in numerous publications.

This short video was taken just a few days ago while visiting my friend, Cantor Efraim Sapir, in Florida. Efraim worked with Srul for eighteen years at Beth Tikvah Synagogue and Herbie Goldstein, a veteran of The Beth Tikvah Choir and a friend of Srul from his teen years, reflect and share some memories. Please take the time to watch and learn more about this great composer and his contribution to our community and the world of Jewish music.

Oakville Ensemble Performs Glick's Triumph of the Spirit

The Oakville Children’s Choir  joins the Ensemble to celebrate the music and spirit of Canada. Srul Irving Glick’s stirring Triumph of the Spirit , the lively and sometimes humourous Songs of early Canada arranged by Donald Patriquin and  Should I be me, a new work by Abigail Richardson explore the vastness of the Canadian musical heritage and landscape.

Sunday, May 13, 2012 at 3:00 p.m.Mary Mother of God Catholic Church, 2745 North Ridge Trail, Oakville

Buy Triumph of the spirit, Sunday afternoon Tickets Here

A Celebration of Canadian Art Song

A Celebration of Canadian Art Song Tenor Lawrence Wiliford and pianist Steven Philcox, the directors of this new Toronto collective, kick things off with a world premiere by Brian Harman and a piece by David Passmore, written for Carla Huhtanen, an accomplished vocalist. Philcox and Liz Upchurch accompany. Wiliford himself joins in for Srul Irving Glick’s Two Landscapes. Find out more>